Simple Movement and Sound Sensing Baby Monitor

Monitoring your baby has never been so EASY.

AC401 baby monitor

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What would you expect?

If you are looking for a baby monitor that simply monitors your baby rather than being the source for lullabies, lighting and a video feed, then the AC401 is one of the options that is available to you. The portable parent handset is rechargeable so you can use the charging cradle as a handy stand if you are in one place, or if you are moving around the house the handset can clip to your belt. The baby monitor can be battery powered or run from the AC adapter.

How does it works?

The AC401 uses an under mattress sensing pad in order to monitor both the movement and the breathing of your baby. Take care when you install it as it needs a solid surface to lie on. If your cot has slats as the base, you will need to place something underneath the sensor pad in order to stop it pushing through the gaps. A simple piece of cardboard box will suffice. The movement sensor will automatically alarm if there has been no recorded movement for 20 seconds, alerting you to any problems. You can also choose an option that will provide your handset with a ticking sound whenever your baby moves, thus giving you additional peace of mind.

The Verdict?

Although not the most powerful monitor on the market the AC401 does provide good transmission signals even when there are other potential sources of interference. The signal does degrade somewhat if the walls of your house are particularly thick.

sleeping baby

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