Doppler Sensing for Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring

Hearing your child’s heartbeat while growing inside you is a precious moment.

If you naturally worry about your baby while it is still growing inside you AngelSounds have created a device that can provide you with peace of mind at all times of the day and night with a heartbeat monitor that you can use yourself in order to pick up and listen to your baby’s heartbeat without having to go to the doctors.

Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor Review

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A Little Advisory

While having your own heartbeat detector provides you with a great tool to deal with anxiety, you should be aware that it will take both practise and patience in order to be able to use the device to get the best results. The technology that is used in the heartbeat monitor is susceptible to interference from a range of different sources that include wireless routers and mobile phones, so you should make sure you switch these off before attempting to use the heartbeat monitor.


There are both pros and cons of this type of monitor. The pros include being able to listen to your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like and you can record the sounds you hear. The cons include requiring practise in order to be able to find the heartbeat and the instructions that are supplied with the monitor are not all that clear. Therefore you should have realistic expectations, especially when you first use this device as, depending on how the baby is lying, it can take a good 5-10 minutes to pick up the heartbeat. The system claims to be able to pick up heartbeats from 9 weeks, but be aware that this will vary from person to person.


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