The Ultimate Light and Sound Baby Monitor in the BT Pacifier

Induce your baby to sleep the techie way

BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

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Trying to ensure that your baby’s room has the optimal conditions for your baby to get good quality sleep can mean multiple pieces of equipment for you to control the light and sound elements that are present with the room. In order to reduce the equipment in the room and also to give you a single point of control over all of it, the BT Pacifier offers projected light shows, built-in lullabies and classical music, white noise, an iPod/mp3 connector and also two way communication.

How the Magic Works

As you would expect from a BT product the signal transmission allows you to be up to 300m away from the baby monitor when there is direct line of sight, and up to around 50m away indoors when there are walls and other potential sources of interference. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted so that you can choose from being able to hear absolutely every little noise your baby makes, or you can set the threshold higher so that you will only be alerted when your baby makes noises loud enough to indicate that they are awake or crying.

Other Features

In addition to the light show, there is also a night light option that provides gradually dimming uniform lighting. The baby unit will also monitor the temperature within the room and send the information to your parent handset so that you can see if there are any significant changes in temperature that you need to respond to.

BT Pacifier

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