Every Audio Function You Need in the BT 250

Make your baby safe and sound at the palm of your hands.

bt 250 baby monitor

image from kiddicare.tv.

Monitoring your baby when you are not with them can be one of the most important factors in daily life for many new parents. Therefore in order to maintain some level of normalcy you will want the flexibility to move freely around your home and garden in order to keep up with all of the things that need doing around the house.

Functions and Instructions

The unit for monitoring the baby is mains powered so there will never be any problems with battery lifetimes or drainage. The parent unit can either be plugged into the mains adapter, or it can be used on battery power, which is supplied by rechargeable batteries. The overall system is lightweight and it comes with a handy travel bag for when you are on holiday or visiting friends and family.

Battery Indications

The BT 250 doesn’t just provide you with an audio signal from your baby, it also has a number of other functions. The first is the two way talk capability, that allows you to speak to your baby without having to be in the same room as they are. If a lullaby is what is needed there are a number of lullabies, and also some pieces of classical music, built into the system, which you can control from your parent handset. The system also has a HD audio option, which provides the ultimate in crisp and clear sounds, but take care if you are running on battery power as this is a high power option.

bt 250

image from kiddiecare.tv


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