Watch and Hear Your Baby as They Sleep With the BT 1000

Monitor your baby in Stealth

bt 1000

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If you want to monitor your baby by being able to see them as well as hear them the BT baby monitor 1000 can provide you with exactly that capability. If you are concerned about disturbing your baby with lights for the camera you don’t have to worry because the camera unit uses infrared illumination, which your baby cannot see.

You can do it in more ways than one

If you have more than one location you want to monitor regularly you can add in up to four more cameras  and use a simple toggle function on the parent handset in order to move between the different feeds. This means you can set up the cameras securely and in the locations you need and then not have to worry about moving them whenever you need them somewhere else. This is also a particularly useful function if you have more than one child and they are in different rooms.

Functions that makes you wonder

The BT 1000 also includes a 2-way talk function so that you can speak to your baby without being in the room. Rather than having lullabies built into the system, you can sing your own while your baby settles in the room on their own.

The monitor will autoscan and select the best signal from one of 52 channels, which updates if you move to a different area of the house and have different types of interference present. You can also choose to use constant monitoring, or noise activated transmission of audio and video signals.

BT 1000

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