Back To Basics With The Leapfrog Baby Monitor

A simple and reliable device to monitor your baby.


Leapfrog Baby Monitor

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There are many baby monitors out there that provide you with a huge number of features that you may, or may not, need. If you already have items in place to provide the required sound and light elements within your baby’s room you are not likely to need a baby monitor to provide the same functions. Therefore you are likely to be best served by a simple and reliable device, such as the Leapfrog baby monitor.

Excellent Features

There are some advantages to opting for a simple baby monitor. The first is that the power requirements will be low and so power can be utilised in order to optimise the transmission of the signal so that you get usable ranges from the monitor. The transmission ranges that are given for this device are up to 300m with direct line of sight and up to 50m indoors.

The unit also utilises background noise cancelling software so that the distinct sound of your child making a noise or crying will be heard easily through the parent unit without any distortion from background sounds. There are five sensitivity levels that can be selected depending on the distance from the monitor to your baby and the level of sound that you wish to be transmitted through the monitor.

Battery Indications

The baby monitor is mains operated, but it also features a battery back-up in case of a power cut. The parent handset can either be used in its recharging docking cradle, or portably on battery power.

Leapfrog Baby Monitor

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