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baby monitor reviews

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Baby monitors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and with a huge array of features that can be included in addition to the original audio monitoring. You might already have a good idea about the features you are looking for but may be unsure about which brand to buy. This is where product reviews can provide you with all of the information you need in order to make your selection.

If you are looking for a basic baby monitor with audio monitoring you may wish to consider products such as the Tomy or Leapfrog monitors. These robust monitors provide you with reliable audio monitoring capability.

There are also other popular features that are frequently available within baby monitors now. These features include video monitoring so that you can not only hear your baby when you are not in the room, you can also see them as well. There are a number of companies who integrate cameras including BT and AngelCare.

There are also systems that will provide you with movement monitoring. These systems incorporate a sensor pad that sits underneath the mattress, which is sensitive enough to pick up even the smallest of movements made by your baby. These monitors are set up to alarm if your baby does not move for 20 seconds so that you get the fastest alert possible to any problems.

Other features include night lights, built-in lullabies and music and two way communication, amongst others.


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Back To Basics With The Leapfrog Baby Monitor

A simple and reliable device to monitor your baby.


Leapfrog Baby Monitor

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There are many baby monitors out there that provide you with a huge number of features that you may, or may not, need. If you already have items in place to provide the required sound and light elements within your baby’s room you are not likely to need a baby monitor to provide the same functions. Therefore you are likely to be best served by a simple and reliable device, such as the Leapfrog baby monitor.

Excellent Features

There are some advantages to opting for a simple baby monitor. The first is that the power requirements will be low and so power can be utilised in order to optimise the transmission of the signal so that you get usable ranges from the monitor. The transmission ranges that are given for this device are up to 300m with direct line of sight and up to 50m indoors.

The unit also utilises background noise cancelling software so that the distinct sound of your child making a noise or crying will be heard easily through the parent unit without any distortion from background sounds. There are five sensitivity levels that can be selected depending on the distance from the monitor to your baby and the level of sound that you wish to be transmitted through the monitor.

Battery Indications

The baby monitor is mains operated, but it also features a battery back-up in case of a power cut. The parent handset can either be used in its recharging docking cradle, or portably on battery power.

Leapfrog Baby Monitor

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Watch and Hear Your Baby as They Sleep With the BT 1000

Monitor your baby in Stealth

bt 1000

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If you want to monitor your baby by being able to see them as well as hear them the BT baby monitor 1000 can provide you with exactly that capability. If you are concerned about disturbing your baby with lights for the camera you don’t have to worry because the camera unit uses infrared illumination, which your baby cannot see.

You can do it in more ways than one

If you have more than one location you want to monitor regularly you can add in up to four more cameras  and use a simple toggle function on the parent handset in order to move between the different feeds. This means you can set up the cameras securely and in the locations you need and then not have to worry about moving them whenever you need them somewhere else. This is also a particularly useful function if you have more than one child and they are in different rooms.

Functions that makes you wonder

The BT 1000 also includes a 2-way talk function so that you can speak to your baby without being in the room. Rather than having lullabies built into the system, you can sing your own while your baby settles in the room on their own.

The monitor will autoscan and select the best signal from one of 52 channels, which updates if you move to a different area of the house and have different types of interference present. You can also choose to use constant monitoring, or noise activated transmission of audio and video signals.

BT 1000

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Every Audio Function You Need in the BT 250

Make your baby safe and sound at the palm of your hands.

bt 250 baby monitor

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Monitoring your baby when you are not with them can be one of the most important factors in daily life for many new parents. Therefore in order to maintain some level of normalcy you will want the flexibility to move freely around your home and garden in order to keep up with all of the things that need doing around the house.

Functions and Instructions

The unit for monitoring the baby is mains powered so there will never be any problems with battery lifetimes or drainage. The parent unit can either be plugged into the mains adapter, or it can be used on battery power, which is supplied by rechargeable batteries. The overall system is lightweight and it comes with a handy travel bag for when you are on holiday or visiting friends and family.

Battery Indications

The BT 250 doesn’t just provide you with an audio signal from your baby, it also has a number of other functions. The first is the two way talk capability, that allows you to speak to your baby without having to be in the same room as they are. If a lullaby is what is needed there are a number of lullabies, and also some pieces of classical music, built into the system, which you can control from your parent handset. The system also has a HD audio option, which provides the ultimate in crisp and clear sounds, but take care if you are running on battery power as this is a high power option.

bt 250

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The Ultimate Light and Sound Baby Monitor in the BT Pacifier

Induce your baby to sleep the techie way

BT Baby Monitor 250 Review

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Trying to ensure that your baby’s room has the optimal conditions for your baby to get good quality sleep can mean multiple pieces of equipment for you to control the light and sound elements that are present with the room. In order to reduce the equipment in the room and also to give you a single point of control over all of it, the BT Pacifier offers projected light shows, built-in lullabies and classical music, white noise, an iPod/mp3 connector and also two way communication.

How the Magic Works

As you would expect from a BT product the signal transmission allows you to be up to 300m away from the baby monitor when there is direct line of sight, and up to around 50m away indoors when there are walls and other potential sources of interference. The sensitivity of the system can be adjusted so that you can choose from being able to hear absolutely every little noise your baby makes, or you can set the threshold higher so that you will only be alerted when your baby makes noises loud enough to indicate that they are awake or crying.

Other Features

In addition to the light show, there is also a night light option that provides gradually dimming uniform lighting. The baby unit will also monitor the temperature within the room and send the information to your parent handset so that you can see if there are any significant changes in temperature that you need to respond to.

BT Pacifier

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Doppler Sensing for Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring

Hearing your child’s heartbeat while growing inside you is a precious moment.

If you naturally worry about your baby while it is still growing inside you AngelSounds have created a device that can provide you with peace of mind at all times of the day and night with a heartbeat monitor that you can use yourself in order to pick up and listen to your baby’s heartbeat without having to go to the doctors.

Fetal Doppler Baby Heartbeat Monitor Review

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A Little Advisory

While having your own heartbeat detector provides you with a great tool to deal with anxiety, you should be aware that it will take both practise and patience in order to be able to use the device to get the best results. The technology that is used in the heartbeat monitor is susceptible to interference from a range of different sources that include wireless routers and mobile phones, so you should make sure you switch these off before attempting to use the heartbeat monitor.


There are both pros and cons of this type of monitor. The pros include being able to listen to your baby’s heartbeat whenever you like and you can record the sounds you hear. The cons include requiring practise in order to be able to find the heartbeat and the instructions that are supplied with the monitor are not all that clear. Therefore you should have realistic expectations, especially when you first use this device as, depending on how the baby is lying, it can take a good 5-10 minutes to pick up the heartbeat. The system claims to be able to pick up heartbeats from 9 weeks, but be aware that this will vary from person to person.


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Simple Movement and Sound Sensing Baby Monitor

Monitoring your baby has never been so EASY.

AC401 baby monitor

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What would you expect?

If you are looking for a baby monitor that simply monitors your baby rather than being the source for lullabies, lighting and a video feed, then the AC401 is one of the options that is available to you. The portable parent handset is rechargeable so you can use the charging cradle as a handy stand if you are in one place, or if you are moving around the house the handset can clip to your belt. The baby monitor can be battery powered or run from the AC adapter.

How does it works?

The AC401 uses an under mattress sensing pad in order to monitor both the movement and the breathing of your baby. Take care when you install it as it needs a solid surface to lie on. If your cot has slats as the base, you will need to place something underneath the sensor pad in order to stop it pushing through the gaps. A simple piece of cardboard box will suffice. The movement sensor will automatically alarm if there has been no recorded movement for 20 seconds, alerting you to any problems. You can also choose an option that will provide your handset with a ticking sound whenever your baby moves, thus giving you additional peace of mind.

The Verdict?

Although not the most powerful monitor on the market the AC401 does provide good transmission signals even when there are other potential sources of interference. The signal does degrade somewhat if the walls of your house are particularly thick.

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